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Posted by on Jun 20, 2014 in Ailments, Ailments A-F, Ailments N-S | 0 comments

Bi-polar & Paranoid Schizophrenia Natural Helps

Natural Helps for Bi-polar:
1. Fish Oil
2. St. John’s Wort
3. Flaxseed Oil
4. Ginseng
5. Ginkgo Biloba
6. Black Cohosh
7. Valerian Root
8. Licorice
9. Passionflower
10. Gotu Kola

I have a friend that was/is bipolar and the Mellow Moments along with Valerian Root & Kava Kava have helped her. I now have a Brain Boost tincture that would be good as well. They contain many of the above mentioned herbs.
There is some great info on this site..

I can supply the herbs that are needed.

As in with serious illness I would suggest doing the Zeolite 3 X a day for 30 days to detoxify the brain and the body. This alone can be life altering. They believe that Bi-polar and paranoid schizophrenia can be a result of toxins that you were exposed to in the womb as well as a serious central nervous system viral infection during childhood increases the risk later in life. So, detoxing can only be beneficial. Make sure you always use the powder form for a more complete detox. The Zeolite can actually penetrate the blood-brain barrier and pull toxins and heavy metals from the brain.