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Posted by on Dec 30, 2016 in Herbs T-Z | 0 comments

Blue Vervain

Blue Vervain

Scientific Name: Verbena officinalis, Labiatae ; Blue Vervain – V. hastata

AKA: Vervain, Wild Hyssop, Simpler’s Joy, American Vervain, False Vervain, Traveler’s Joy, Indian Hyssop, Purvain, Herb of Grace. Herbe Sacrée. Herba Veneris
Parts Used: Leaves, flowering heads
Active Compounds: Iridoids; Verbenin; Verbenalin; Bastatoside, Essential oil, and Mucilage

Blue Vervain is a natural tranquilizer, anti-inflammatory, and expectorant. Blue Vervain (Verbena hastada) is a natural tranquilizer that counteracts periodic disorders of the nervous system. Expectorant action to help with congestion in the throat and chest; aids with fevers and colds. May be effective in eliminating intestinal worms. As a cold infusion, it is a tonic and a vulnerary for sores and wounds. Helpful with female disorders and increases menstrual flow. Also used for epilepsy and for most skin problems.

Background: Vervain and its many varieties have been used historically by ancient Roman priests in sacrifices and as a general alter plant. Druids, magicians and sorcerers utilized it in their rites and incantations. It was worn around the neck as a charm against headaches, to prevent snakebites and for general good luck.

Applications: Nerve tonic, sedative, anti-spasmodic, hepatic

Sedative/Nerve Tonic – Used to strengthen the nervous system while relieving tension and stress. Also used to ease depression and melancholy.

Anti-spasmodic – Used against seizures.

Hepatic – Can remedy inflammation of the gallbladder and prevent jaundice.

Blue Vervain is native to Europe, China and Japan, Common Vervain is often found growing by roadsides and in pastures. It is a perennial plant bearing many small, pale-lilac flowers. Blue Vervain, a variety of Common Vervain, is indigenous to the United States and North America.

Blue Vervain Dosage:

Infusion – Pour a cup of boiling water onto 1 – 3 tsp. of the dried leaves and steep for 10 -15 minutes. Drink this infusion three times per day.

Tincture – Take 2 – 4 ml of tincture three times per day.

Safety: No known safety issues or side effects associated with Blue Vervain. Some herbs are known to react with your medication. Please consult your physician before using any herb for medicinal purposes.