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Posted by on Jun 17, 2014 in Ailments, Ailments A-F, Various | 0 comments

Cancer & Iodine

There is growing evidence that Americans would have better health and a lower incidence of cancer and fibrocystic disease of the breast if they consumed more iodine. A decrease in iodine intake coupled with an increased consumption of competing halogens, fluoride and bromide, has created an epidemic of iodine deficiency in America.

XODINE iodine is Kosher certified, vegan compliant and halal compliant.

Iodine also induces apoptosis, programmed cell death. This process is essential to growth and development (fingers form in the fetus by apoptosis of the tissue between them) and for destroying cells that represent a threat to the integrity of the organism, like cancer cells and cells infected with viruses. Human lung cancer cells with genes spliced into them that enhance iodine uptake and utilization undergo apoptosis and shrink when given iodine, both when grown in vitro outside the body and implanted in mice. Its anti-cancer function may well prove to be iodine’s most important extrathyroidal benefit. (For more see link at the bottom of the page).

Xodine-A Colloidal Iodine that supplies 2,694 mcg of iodine per day in only 3 drops!

The iodine/iodide-based products (e.g. Lugol’s solutions… Iodoral, Iosol, Sea-Adine, Kent Marine, etc.) and variations thereof (both liquid and dried), have been so widely recommend because it was the best thing out there….. until XODINEiodine!


A ‘true’ Glycerite of Natural USP grade Iodine.
Iodine Derived From Deep Sea Source (Vegan).
• Transformative (Non-Toxic) Elemental Iodine.
• Contains No Inefficient Iodide Form of Iodine.
• High Elemental Iodine Uptake & Tissue Saturation.
• When Used Topically Does Not Sting or Burn.
• Daily Maintenance Dose (3 drops) = 1,796% of RDA.
• 15 ml (1/2 oz) Bottle Lasts 3 Months For 1 Person.

The manufacture of XODINE iodine is State licensed, meets Federal regulatory standards, is cGMP/HACCP compliant and lab grade. (Raw elemental iodine is a controlled substance both at a State and Federal level.) The licensing, approvals and regulatory documentary procedures are involved, exacting and costly. Cedar Bear Naturales made the decision to pursue the licensing, approvals and incur the ongoing regulatory documentary process for Pureodine™ process manufacturing of XODINE transformative nanocolloidal iodine due to its highly unique and proprietary nature and that XODINE iodine is a perfect fit with Cedar Bear Naturales products and philosophy of natural health regeneration and well-being. Yes! the raw certified USP grade iodine used in the making of XODINE transformative nanocolloidal iodine is derived from all-natural deep sea vegetative sources.

Because of its highly reactive nature, pure (mono elemental) iodine is not found in nature per se’, but is bound up in combination with other elements as a compound. Some of these compounds are Calcium + Iodine, Sodium + Iodine, Potassium + Iodine, all as iodides or iodates, which in these strongly bound forms have been shown to only have an approximate 20% uptake into the various tissues of the body, making them biologically inefficient forms of iodine supplementation that’s also harder to dose monitor than a mono element-based iodine.

These ‘natural’ mineral-combined (as rock deposits) and plant linked/crosslinked bound forms of iodine, as iodides (and iodates), are typically so strongly bonded to other minerals and/or cross-linked cellulotic polysaccharides that the iodine is often rendered inert, meaning that the iodine molecule’s ability to interact biologically is arrested/blocked resulting in its absorption and tissue uptake into the body not being able to take place. As mentioned, sea weed’s non-digestible highly crosslinked cellulotic mucopolysaccharide’s binding effects on iodine release and absorption in the body, and iodine’s strong binding to non-digestible calcium carbonate (caliche) deposits, are excellent examples of two very commonly available yet inefficient release/absorption sources of iodine-based supplementation.

Where biologically-based clinical and supplemental efficiency considerations are concerned, both neccessitate that nature’s bound forms of iodine (as iodides and iodates) first be separated, clarified and purified from the other binding components and/or impurities into a USP grade mono elemental iodine (as certified USP resublimated iodine crystals). In this purified crystal form, iodine (now a regulated ‘pure’ substance) is a highly reactive and toxic substance. This is the main factor that typically requires the use of an iodide to dissolve and partially gentle this form of pure elemental iodine. However, when purified USP iodine crystals are subjected to the Pureodine™ process it becomes nanocolloidalized and transformed into a non-toxic form of elemental iodine (also referred to in some circles as monoatomic iodine), without the addition of iodides!  From a clinical and supplemental perspective this latter point has important and far reaching ramifications unique to the transformed mono elemental Pureodine™ processed iodine product.

The iodine/iodide-based products (e.g. Lugol’s solutions… Iodoral, Iosol, Sea-Adine, Kent Marine, etc.) and variations thereof (both liquid and dried), have been so widely recommend because it was the best thing out there….. until XODINEiodine!

The prevailing, and now outdated, concept is that in-vitro based iodine/iodide is the only good (and safe) iodine preparation out there.  But, as previously noted, the science shows that this standard iodine/iodide combination is only recognized and utilized by 20% of the tissues/organs of the body.  The assertion that the body most benefits from an in-vitro prepared iodine/iodide mix is, intended or not, based on supposition and over simplified assumptions. The physician authors publishing that in-vitro prepared iodine/iodide supplementation are preferred by the body do not reference any verifiable science-standardized clinical studies and/or scientifically-based biochemistry studies to support this assertion. It is an assumption made without proper scientific verification. What has been scientifically verified is that the body uses IODINE! Look up any anatomy book or physiology text.  Never do they say iodine/iodide. They always say iodine!

The problem that has clouded the issue and caused these highly assumptive assertions to be made is, in its pure non-transformed elemental form (whether as crystals or as dissolved solutions) iodine is intrinsically toxic, especially for dietary supplemental use, and no one, until the introduction of the Pureodine™ process for making a transformed pure elemental iodine product, had overcome this problem with mono elemental iodine on a consistent and stable basis, so that over time the popular consensus of in-vitro based iodine/iodide use evolved to lugols (and its various iterations) being the only way to go, regardless of context-based scientific considerations or not.

Amazingly, it seems that the fact the body is able to in-vivo combine other minerals with elemental iodine into its own unique ‘body-wise’ iodides of calcium, potassium, sodium and magnesium has been completely overlooked due to the problem of making a commercially viable source of a non-toxic mono elemental iodine matrix. Pureodine™ processed  XODINE iodine breaches this age old problem by providing a viable non-toxic source of elemental iodine that the body is able to efficiently turn into its own body-wise carrier (and tissue storage) mineral iodides for easy biological utilization throughout the body.

Now there is a mono element iodine product… called XODINE™! It’s safe – so why not give the body what it needs, prefers and uses?   

I O D I N E ! 

In-vitro prepared Iodides or iodates are not what is essential for normal DNA sequencing and a healthy developing fetus into a baby to be born – Iodine is.  In-vitro prepared Iodide is not what mixes with tyrosine and histidine and becomes a naturally occurring anti-cancer agent in the body – iodine is, and so on and so on. XODINE iodine is the kind of non-toxic mono elemental-based iodine that the body needs, craves and prefers – because it prefers to make its own iodides, in-vivo, as the need arises and purpose dictates and, as nature intended!

Therefore, the Pureodine™ processed XODINE iodine makes a secondary form of iodine, such as potassium iodide, unecessary (both as a dissolving aid and a strong binding bufferer). This is because the Pureodine™ process has a transformative effect on the pure elemental iodine itself, making it non-toxic, non-irritating to tissues/mucosal linings, and more bio-available as an elemental-based iodine matrix. XODINE iodine efficiently enters the blood stream and disperses throughout the body being converted, in-vivo, into carrier iodides, then back to elemental iodine and then recombined with specific proteins into hormones, immune factors or as safe tissue stores of iodine reserves for later use, especially during times of immune incursions, stress and trauma.

One of the most outstanding features of XODINE iodine is that it is a true glycerite of nanocolloidalized mono elemental molecular iodine matrix… the only true glycerite of nanocolloidal iodine available. This has major implications for dietary, topical and potential medical-based applications, as true glycerite colloids are much easier and less toxic (safer) on biological systems.

Unlike a glycerated iodine and/or iodine/iodide, wherein glycerin is simply added as a final ingredient after the iodine has already been processed with another dissolvent (i.e. water, alcohol, hexane, chloroform, etc.) and that dissolvent has been drawn off, to which glycerin is then after added, – the USP grade Kosher Certified 100% vegetable glycerin used in making XODINE iodine is actually an integral part of the Pureodine™ processing technology that in turn makes the former elemental iodine non-toxic and imparts astounding stability, preservability and versatility to the finished XODINE glycerite of iodine. At no time is the raw iodine subjected to ‘direct’ heat, toxic chemical solvents or alcohol, as is typically done. This is an important aspect of the Pureodine™ process.

The Pureodine™ process itself is a revolutionary and proprietary trade secret. However, some aspects of the Pureodine™ process are worth noting openly. Very specialized equipment, much of it custom crafted, is required for this unique process. There are steps and procedures that have never before been done in the specific Pureodine™ processing fashion with this type of glycerite of iodine preparation, including CBN™–Labs innovative protocols for sublimating/liquefying elemental iodine without a secondary iodide (i.e. potassium iodide) and creating a hyper agitated state of the sublimated/liquified iodine solution at a molecular level that in turn drives the detoxifying nanocolloidalization of the iodine matrix through a heightened energy state that results in the effective non-toxic elemental glycerite of iodine matrix that XODINE iodine is.  In other words, the Pureodine™ process changes (i.e. transforms) the state of the specially liquified iodine matrix to a non-toxic form of elemental iodine without the addition of a secondary iodide, with the transformed elemental iodine possessing a greater percentage of tissue uptake in the body than a typical iodine/iodide mix is capable of.

In this transformative nanocolloidal state XODINE iodine can safely be converted within the body (in-vivo) into the various forms of carrier iodines (i.e. combined with calcium, sodium, potassium, etc.) unique to a body system, where each iodine carrying mineral complex carries its iodine molecule to the part of the body it has an affinity for, to enrich those tissues, and where the thyroid is concerned, in a very quick series of sequences the iodine in the mineral carrier complex is converted back to mono-elemental iodine then immediately recombined, as an essential mineral element, with special protein configurations to form the thyroid hormones T-3 and T4. The same thing happens wherein elemental iodine is combined with certain proteins to become the recently studied anti-cancer agents that are one of the naturally occurring immunity factors of the body… provided tissue levels of iodine is amply present in the body. XODINE iodine is a first ever for an elemental based iodine matrix preparation. (Note that XODINE iodine is devoid of any impurity and/or REDOX factors evidenced by its honeyish orange amber color. Also, a simple starch blot test (that turns the iodine purple) will show the presence of ‘elemental’ iodine in the product.)

XODINE iodine is intended for human and animal uses as an excellent daily dietary supplement. Being an essential mineral for thyroid health, immunity and metabolic well-being, iodine is also an important part of sound cardiovascular, liver, bone and CNS health. Iodine is the mineral basis of the HPT (Hypothalamus–Pituitary–Thyroid) Axis, and many believe that the HPT Axis is the underlying basis of the HPA (Hypothalamus–Pituitary–Adrenal) Axis, which implies that to correct many HPA Axis driven issues, the HPT Axis first needs to be dealt with, of which iodine is the key mineral to HPT Axis balance and health. XODINE iodine possesses dietary transformative iodine in a bio-elemental nanocolloidal state. This means that XODINE™ iodine, when taken as directed, is gentler on the digestive system and mucosal lining with a high percentage of the elemental iodine being taken up by tisues. As a topical use aid XODINE™ iodine does not possesses the harsh stinging or burning sensation that other iodine products do.

XODINE iodine is available as a standardized daily use supplement solution for general retail resale. XODINE iodine content listed on the label is based on the actual ‘iodine’ element in the finished product. This is an important and essential point to consider when purchasing any iodine product.

A recommended once-a-day (daily) intake of 3 drops of XODINE iodine represent 2,694 mcg of iodine per application (dose) – 1,796% of the RDA for iodine. At 3 drops per person a day a 15 ml (1/2 ounce) bottle of XODINE iodine will last a family of three for a month or an individual user for three months.

XODINE iodine is Kosher certified, vegan compliant and halal compliant.

WARNING:Individuals who have thyroid and/or cardiovascular problems or are on any medications should consult with a physician before using XODINE transformative nanocolloidal iodine matrix. Side effects and/or contraindications, if any, would generally be the same as that listed for any other supplemental use and/or topical use based iodine matrix preparation.

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