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Posted by on Jun 17, 2014 in Homeopathics | 0 comments

Clays-Acclimating the Body To Healing Clays


One tablespoonful of dry clay is added and mixed with about eight ounces of quality water. The clay water should be taken on an empty stomach, preferably in the morning and/or late in the evening. Please keep in mind that clay should never come in contact with metal.

Repeat this process for three days. After the third day, abstain from clay use for four days. Then, resume use for four days, and pause for the following three days. This method of use can be continued throughout the adjustment period ( or even the complete period of use ).

The period of time it takes the body to adjust to oral clay use is certainly variable. However, generally the body will be acclimated to use within two to four weeks.

Once the body adjusts to clay use, there are many different strategies that can be used, depending on the need.

Side effects such as constipation are byproducts of a digestive system that is functioning far below ideal levels. Healing clays in themselves do not cause digestive or elimination problems, as we’ve demonstrated on more than one occasion with relatively high amounts of clay water ( 1 – 2 liters daily ) taken for upwards to six months ( experimental treatments ), with no need for any additional fiber or laxatives. Elimination problems are symptomatic, and it may take a minimum of six months to a year with proper diet and clay use, to correct imbalances.

However, many users will find that a quality psyllium husk / water mixture will assist alleviating any difficulties experienced during treatment. The best method remains following the sage guidance from Raymond Dextreit as outlined in his book Earth Cures. Truly, there are no shortcuts to a healthy digestive system, and a modified macrobiotic diet devised in accordance to the many principles of natural medicine is the only certain way to completely normalize digestive functions.

Stimulating the body’s elimination system is an important part of all aspects of pelotherapy. We cannot stress enough the importance of utilizing therapeutic clay baths in conjunction with healing clays used internally, and vice a versa. While this may be impractical for some, we highly encourage those who are able to acquire larger amounts of clay to do so — even if the clays utilized for baths are only technical grade clays.

 Switching from Clayish Water to a Clay Magma

Once the body is adjusted to healing clay use internally, it can be advantageous to change tactics: Rather than continue utilizing a clayish water, begin ingesting a tablespoon of clay “gel” or “magma” directly.

When the body is adjusted to internal use, there will be no noticeable strange or uncomfortable effects associated with ingestion. Bowel functions return to normal, the profuse fragrance associated with detoxification via healing clay will be gone ( bowel movements ), and the sometimes “unexplainable” side effects, such as fluctuating blood pressure, unique physical sensations in the abdominal region, changes in urine color, etc., will have disappeared.

It is important to remember that “clay water” and a properly hydrated clay gel or magma are truly two different substances when considering how they respond to any environment. Clay particles, when separated by water, lose their “collective” effect. The “unexplainable” electromagnetic effect of the clay which can reach deep into the body, becomes non-existant.

There is no combined charge associated with the separated particles, and the charge layers are vastly reduced or even nonexistent ( to our knowledge ). This is also why a clay bath is NOT comparable to clay packs / poultices used on the body.

At this point, due to the difficulty in actually studying the actual health benefits of using healing clays internally ( rather than simply measuring quantifiable variables via lab testing ), the best we can say is the difference between ingesting a clay magma and clayish water is significant, and most users who are able to listen to their bodies carefully will notice an immediate difference upon ingestion.

How long any user should continue utilizing bentonite, illite, or montmorillonite ( to list the most prominent healing clays ) internally must be left up to each user. We know people who have ingested healing clays daily for over 20 years with nothing but beneficial results, but we can hardly advise anyone to do so. One’s health must be one’s own responsibility.

Dietary considerations should be addressed ( does an individual eat properly, and at least three times daily? ), and the body’s natural cycles should be carefully considered as well ( the body has a natural 72 hour cycle, a 24 hour cycle, a 12 hour cycle, an eight hour cycle, a six hour cycle, and a four hour cycle, to name a few in accordance with natural medicine philosophy ).

For those who experience too much constipation from ingesting healing clays, and who also do not tolerate psyllium, another alternative is to add hydrated clay to a slurry made from activated charcoal, and also combining internal clay with Diatomaceous Earth.