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Posted by on Feb 9, 2017 in Supplements | 0 comments

Colloidal Silver

Colloidal Silver is used as a natural antibiotic and antiviral as well as using for water purification, food poisoning and cleaning.

For Long Term Storage of Water using colloidal silver add

2-3 Tablespoons per 5 liters (1 1/3 gallon) of water

6-9 ml (2tsp) per 1 liter (quart) of water

1/2-1tsp per 1 pint of water


Water containing germ contaminants (not toxic chemicals) can be made drinkable by adding two to three tablespoons of Colloidal Silver per every 5 litres of water.

Determining the amount needed.

Begin with the recommended amount of one teaspoon per day. Use half the recommended amount for young children and one fourth for babies.

After taking one teaspoon of Colloidal Silver daily for four days, adults may cut back to one -half teaspoon daily ( and proportionally, by body weight, for children)

The accepted method is for an adult to consume a 125 ml to 200 ml bottle of Colloidal Silver monthly, in any convenient increment any time during the month.

In the event a person begins taking Colloidal Silver while having a cold or flu or for any other virus, bacteria or fungus, – the daily amount should begin with triple the dosage ( one teaspoon three times a day) for three days, then follow the above regimen.

Some people will feel achy and sluggish on the third or fourth day after beginning Colloidal Silver daily. This is called a  healing crisis. When the body sluffs off a great many entrenched toxins at once, the eliminatory organs can become overloaded in which case it is recommended to drink lots of extra water this will lessen the symptoms rapidly.

If a person, taking the daily amount, finds that he or she will still occasionally have an infection, one may even quadruple the RDD. There should be no danger of overdosing; however, very few people ever need four times the RDD.

Since prevention is the idea here, one may err on the side of safety by taking slightly more than a perfect minimum because one never knows when there may be a sudden major outbreak of some germ in such numbers so as to overwhelm the combined defenses of an immune system fortified with only a minimum level of Colloidal Silver. If an attack of germs happens to be stronger than the immediate combined defense level of the body’s natural immune system plus a particular level of daily Colloidal Silver, one may feel some illness, or worse.