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Posted by on Oct 28, 2014 in Ailments, Ailments A-F, Foods & Supplements T-Z | 0 comments

Fibromylagia, Chronic Fatigue

Many diseases, Fibromylagia, Chronic Fatigue, Alzheimers and more are caused by toxin overload in our bodies.  BY using a product that pulls heavy metals and toxins from our bodies it will imptove our health and longevity.


Zeolite is a breakthrough supplement that works at the cellular level by trapping heavy metals and toxins and safely removing them from the body. Zeolite is also very effective in removing radiation, as shown in the cleanup after the Chernobyl nuclear accident. The people showed a 30% reduction in radioactive isotopes after the very first application of Zeolite! Continued use shows increased benefits.


The actual Clinoptilolite Zeolite molecule is shaped like a honey-comb and carries a natural negative (-) charge. When this type of Zeolite is ingested into the body all of the positively charged (+) heavy metals, toxins, and harmful chemicals bond with the zeolite and are flushed out through the urine within 6-8 hours.

Using Zeolite for Natural Chelation Therapy is 100% Safe and 100% Effective!

To read more on how this works go to our website at:

All published scientific studies ever done on Zeolite showing it beneficial in detoxification, cancer, immune 

building, etc, were done on the powdered mineral.  The dosage of Zeolite used in these scientific studies was 4,000 mg to 15,000 mg or 4 to 15 grams per day.

It is recommended that when you begin using Zeolite that it is used for 3 months to effectivley cleanse the body. After that it depens on each individuals circumstances. 

DISCLAIMER: Zeolite HAS NOT been approved by the FDA as a treatment for cancer or any specific disease. In addition, none of the statements above have been evaluated by the FDA. All content presented has been compiled to provide information about Zeolite. Always consult a physician or board certified health practitioner before taking this product. Use at your own risk.