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Posted by on Sep 8, 2014 in Childhood Ailments, Childhood Ailments A-F, Recipes, Recipes A-F | 0 comments

Herbal Fever Remedy

Here is an amazing, yet perfectly safe and effective remedy for all forms of colds and fevers. It is simple to prepare, easily obtainable, and so quickly effective that it astonishes those who use it for the first time.  This has been used for many years for all kinds of colds and fevers; for babies, children, adults and old people, and has never been known to fail in any case, even in some where the patient was given up to die by attending physicians who had tried everything.  It contains only two common and well-known herbs: The dried flowers of the elderberry tree, which grows almost everywhere in temperate climates, and is so well known that it needs no description, and the dried leaves of the well-known peppermint. These are used as follows:

Herbal Fever Remedy

1 ounce dried Elder Flowers

1 ounce dried Peppermint Leaves

Mix the herbs and place in a quart saucepan, and then pour 1½ pints of boiling water (distilled) over it.  Cover and allow to steep in a hot place for 10 to 15 minutes (do not boil). Once covered, do not raise the lid, as this will cause it to lose some of its strength. When ready strain into another saucepan and sweeten with honey if it is desired.  Before taking, the patient should be in bed, well covered with blankets to retain the heat.

Dose: For severe colds and fevers, drink one pint as hot as possible, and remain in bed, well covered.  A hot water bottle covered with a towel dipped in vinegar applied to the feet and allowed to remain there, will be of great benefit.

For Children the dose is from one half to one teacupful.  In all cases, after taking, the patient should be kept in bed well covered for at least 12 hours to promote free perspiration.

Please note: In no case is there any danger. This remedy is as harmless as new milk.  There should be free perspiration starting in from 20 to 40 minutes after taking and sometimes sooner.  This will sooth the patient to sleep, and the perspiration will continue for several hours.  We have known the temperature to be reduced from 104 to 99 degrees inside of two hours, and we are convinced that there is no remedy for colds and fevers of any description equal to this simple life-saving formula.

The next morning, if the fever or cold is completely broken, the patient should be sponged with warm water, put into a clean bed, and be given some light nourishment such as fruit juices, (pineapple, orange or prune juices).  Care must be taken to keep the body warm and away from all drafts for a day or two.

If one dose does not completely break up the cold or fever, another should be given 24 hours later.  It will be found that, not only do the 7,000,000 sweat glands discharge the poisons from the body, but the bowels and kidneys are also activated, which materially helps in the recovery of the patient.

More people suffer and die from colds and fevers than from any other known disease.  Without fear or favor, we positively assert that out of every 100 cases treated as directed more than 90 percent will quickly recover: and it is our experience that the average person enjoys better health for some time after this treatment, and is far less liable to contract other colds, due to the toxins eliminated by the treatment.