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Posted by on Aug 21, 2014 in Herbs, Herbs N-S | 0 comments

Nasturtiums-Natural Antibiotic

Nasturtium-a potent broad-spectrum antibiotic and healer which far surpasses any medical antibiotic in speed and effectiveness. Some clients who have used different antibiotics (prescribed to them from their Doctor) over a period of years (going from one course of antibiotics to another) had achieved no positive results with their healing. When they used the natural antibiotic Nasturtium tincture their health condition cleared up quickly – often within days!

Nasturtium tea is useful for quenching thirst in feverish patients. Nasturtium has a very high Vitamin C content, nasturtiums are great for improving the immune system, aiding with sore throats, coughs, colds or other respiratory infections, mucous congestion, and bacterial and fungal infections Aside from eating them, however, you can use them in infusions, either internally or externally in the event of bacterial or fungal infections, just as with the leaves.

A medicinal tincture can be made from the leaves and flowers by filling a jar with chopped leaves & flowers and then covering with vodka or apple cider vinegar, and after steeping 2-4 weeks you have an excellent nature-made antibiotic helping fight bacteria, fungi, viruses and tumors as well as being a remedy for baldness.

One flower contains a days worth of Vitamin C. We eat them in salads and on sandwiches.101_0832