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Neem has a proven ability to prevent pregnancy. Neem oil has also been shown to work well both before and after sex while some purified extracts only worked before sex as a preventative. Neem oil appears to be the most effective form of neem for birth control, When tested against human sperm neem extract (sodium nimbidinate) at 1000 mg was able to kill all sperm in just 5 minutes,and required only 30 minutes at a 250 mg level,

in a test of neem’s birth control effects with members of the Indian Army, daily oral doses of several drops of neem seed oil in gelatin capsules were given to twenty married soldiers. The effect took six weeks to become 100 percent effective, it remained effective during the entire year of the trial and was reversed six weeks after the subjects stopped taking the capsules. During this time the men experienced no adverse side effects and retained their normal capabilities and desires. (Vietmeyer, 1992) There were no pregnancies of any of the wives during the period of the study.

Neem is also known to be used as contraceptive. With the growing concern for safer, convenient and more effective contraceptives, medical companies are looking for other cheaper and more effective methods of contraception. This has resulted in neem now being used as an effective contraceptive without any side effects in a number of allopathic and ayurvedic medicines. Many research programs are being conducted world over to test the safety and efficacy of neem as a method for birth control. This natural contraception method is safe and cost-effective as compared to other drugs as its base is neem oil, which is available in plenty.

Contraceptive Properties in Neem Oil
According to research undertaken by leading ayurvedic and pharmaceuticals manufacturing companies; hexane extracted neem oil seems to be the most effective form of neem used for birth control. Most of the researches have been conducted in India- where the tree is found in abundance and is its native home.

It takes almost six weeks for neem to become 100% effective for the purpose; it also acts as a useful alternative for women who have difficulty with modern contraceptive options or who just want to try a different way.
Neem leaf extracts have been found to be effective as a male contraceptive and is being used to manufacture contraceptive pills, without any side effects. Though the use of men contraceptive pills is not popular but soon it will become popular because of the fact that it causes no harm to the body. Neem bark extracts is also said to have arrested spermatogenesis.


1- Neem as a Male Contraceptive :

Take 2 pills a day every day. This pill is for men only! I You will want to take ((900-1000 mg = 1ML)) per day. You can take one in the AM and one in the PM, or take both at once. Neem takes 6 weeks to become fully effective. During this time you should continue to use condoms or other birth control to prevent pregnancy. Do not miss any doses, Continue to take the Neem for as long as you want to prevent pregnancy. After 6 weeks you can discontinue use of other birth control methods. If you want to become pregnant, simply stop taking the pill. After 6 weeks, full fertility will be renewed.

2- Neem as a Female Contraceptive

Neem oil or leaf extracts have been used to manufacture safe and effective contraceptive products for women which can taken through oral or vaginal routes of application. It has been reported to have spermicidal action and has a low failure rate as compared to other methods. Moreover modern contraceptive pills have some or the other side effects, but neem contraceptive pills, being a natural products does not have any. When induced intra vaginally, it is said to be almost 100% effective in preventing pregnancy. , ,

How To Make Neem Extract :

Neem extract is a well known home remedy for various disorders. It is made by either boiling the neem leaves in water or by grinding fresh neem leaves in paste form to be used directly.


don’t take any neem products internally if you are trying to conceive a child (this applies to women and men!) or pregnant (applies mostly to women).
don’t attempt to treat fever in children with neem.
Let me repeat the last point: never give neem in any form to children with fever or viral illnesses. Neem contains Aspirin like substances and like Aspirin it can lead to Reye syndrome.
There is no data or experiences that indicate any negative side effects from using fresh or dried neem leaves (unless you are pregnant/trying to conceive)


Pressure extracted neem oil was found to have in-vitro spermicidal activity against rat, monkey and human sperms. On intravaginal application before coitus, neem oil was found to prevent pregnancy in rats, rabbits, monkey and human beings. When neem oil was applied intravaginally after coitus, it was found to prevent implantation and cause abortion in rats. All these effects were systemic and dose dependent. The application of neem oil did not alter the hormonal profile.

In short neem oil was found to be a promising (a) pre-coital vaginal contraceptive and (b) a post-coital contraceptive preventing implantation and also (c) an abortifacient agent. All these effects are reversible. Only one ml of oil is to be applied for these effects every time and the cost is negligible as one litre of neem oil can be used for 30 cycles by a woman if it is daily used as a pre-coital vaginal contraceptive. It is purely of herbal origin available in plenty and indigenous. The smell can be marked by adding lemon grass scent can be used with the help of an applicator.

Application of neem oil once daily for 10 days in rabbits did not cause any vaginal irritation. When it was applied once daily in rats for eight weeks there was no toxic effect.


Sources:For long term birth control for men it appears that a very minute amount of neem oil injected in the vas deferens provides up to eight months of birth control.