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Posted by on Nov 14, 2014 in Vaccine Awareness, Vaccines | 0 comments

Vaccine Link Page For Forms & More



We have had many requests from workers in health care facilities and from others who work in laboratories connected to pharmaceutical industries or the medical profession who are faced with vaccine mandates and told to take the vaccine or lose their job. We have coached many people into how to utilize the medical liability angle since your employer will not likely relish the idea of a court case involving forced medical experimentation in order to keep one's job. The letter below was successful for a man who was denied an exemption for the first go around and then took the time to write up the following letter and succeeded in obtaining a waiver from his employer. Note how he ends his letter.

Click here to download this Document (TDAP-refusal.doc) in MSDOC format


Suggestions to Combat Employer Vaccine Mandates


Finding a regular doctor or pediatrician
Accepting non-vaccinated children


If all your state requires is a ‘letter’, consider using the model letters for Idaho:
Idaho Exemption form:
Idaho – Text file   Idaho – .doc file (MS Win95)   Idaho – .doc file (MS 97/2000/XP)    Idaho – PDF 328K   Idaho – HTML